Who Are We?

Teachers just like you!

Elsie Johnson and Karen Bradley have teamed up together to realize Elsie’s long term vision of creating picture books for Adult EAL (English as an additional language) literacy learners. Establishing the company Eye on Literacy Ltd. has enabled the launch of this valuable resource intended to help all teachers in the Second Language Adult Literacy field. Delivering workshops to support the teaching philosophy that complements the books is the essential key to sharing classroom practices with many of you who are just starting out. It’s a “feel good” project that we hope second language teachers around the world will embrace and implement in their language programs.

Elsie Johnson has been teaching in the field of adult ESL Literacy for 25 years. She has a Bachelor of Education Degree in Special Education and is TESL Canada certified. She has also worked in the field of English in the workplace for many years. Her interests include language acquisition for literacy learners and material development. She presently teaches LINC Literacy at ECSD in Edmonton.  She is also a PBLA lead at Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers.

Karen Bradley holds a Bachelor of Education Degree and a Language Arts Diploma, both from the University of Alberta. She is also TESL Canada certified. Karen has 17 years experience in EAL developing programs and curriculum. She retired from the classroom in 2019 and is presently focussed on her role as director for Eye On Literacy.

Photo: Elsie and Karen receiving the TESL Canada Innovation Award for CLB/Literacy Resource in 2017

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