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Instructional Workshop (1.5 Hours)* $300
Bring Eye On Literacy to your organization for Professional Development.

We will work with your staff to familiarize them with using Eye On Literacy Wordless Picture Books in the classroom. Your organization will choose three books to focus on for the workshop. We create a PowerPoint to meet your staff’s needs and provide hands on materials to take teachers through the listening, speaking, reading, and writing process.

*Purchase all 14 sets of wordless picture books and receive an instructional workshop for FREE.

Note: Organization is responsible for travel, accommodation, and per diem

Class Demonstration Workshop (1 Hour) $200
Bring Eye On Literacy into your classroom!

Let us demonstrate a lesson* with your students for the first 30 minutes of this workshop. Following the in-class demo, we meet with the teacher(s) to discuss future scaffolding, expansion, and assessment ideas.

* Classroom teacher chooses the wordless picture book.

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